Il Sole Nella Tua Stanza (2022)


An elusive intimacy. An ephemeral passion.
A insatiable thirst. Far from rational, but ominous and menacing. A passion spreading its wings to bring disorientating pleasure with debilitating euphoria. “I don't speak her mother tongue, but I surely wanna taste it.”

Shot on Kodak 16mm Film


Directed by me
Camera: Arkadiy Kreslov
Production: Bonaparte
Her: Tamara Dörner
Him: Simon Amedeo Zannantonio
Voice: Margherita Vitali
Colorist: Delfina Mayer
Music Composing: Dominik Joel Novák
Sounddesign: Ethan Houser
Graphics: Justin Scharer
Typeface: Keroïne by Charlotte Rohde
Special Thanks: Cinelab Romania

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