SUPERDUPER (2022) – Kaltblut Exclusive


In an effort to improve the quality and ease of life, post-humanist ideas outsource the human ability to think and thus externalise intelligence. Human organisms that turn into shells and, like cocoons, have the sole meaning of preserving an inner unity, a transcendent mind. Raising the question of the future significance of a physical body.


Directed and Framed by me
Assistant Director: Bos Nooij  
Producer: Gülden Sarac
Music & Sound Design: Dominik Joel Novák
Gaffer: Philip Köhler
First AC: Marco Piana
2nd Cam: Michael Kulikov
Add. 3D Visuals: Bianca Novák
Stylist: Sandra Cienkowski
HMU Artist: Eleonore Ising
Model 1: Helene Harnisch
Management: Izaio Modelmanagement
Model 2: Eric Mai Pototschnik
Studio: WeStudio
Special Thanks: Hannah Siegfried,
Florian Máthé, SF1OG, Paul Brenner, Mediendesign RV

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