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*all the dreams you wished to live* (2022) VIDEO


Time spaces are filled by digital interactions and distractions. Moments of mental digression, daydreaming, dissociation are negated. At the same time, online interactions create their own endless now through constant content. The film is exploring the rhythms of online interactions and translates their patterns into a dance film and addresses their influence on the subjective perception of time.

full film & credits on request.


performance: Maksim Avdeev
voices: Aurelie Anne, Gabriella Aila & Bailey Pilbeam
camera: Samuel Emmer
music & sound design: Dominik Joel Novák  

SVEA – Shine (2023) VIDEO


SVEA – Shine (Brandfilm)


film Marleen Nesner & Dominik Leingartner
starring Alina Simran Singh, Bilal Soumano & Karla Jahrmarkt

art direction Henoch Munzimba
brand manager Svea Pfitzner

music & sound Dominik Joel Novák
3D Henoch Munzimba

special thanks KYD Berlin    

sfregiato /w Carmine Antonio Iacolare (2023) VIDEO


"Sfregiato" is a visual expression of the thoughts and themes of artist Carmine Antonio Iacolare. Divided into three main chapters, “la cicatrice” (the scar), “la ferita” (the wound) and “la guarigione” (the healing), the film evokes the intense pain of wounds that never heal. The tingling on

Integrity is an illusion. There is no such thing as invulnerability. Our character is shaped by our wounds.

The film combines the aesthetic of artist Carmine Iacolare with the avant-garde fashion realm of Ann Demeulemeester.

Film shot on 16mm Kodak Vision Film.

camera samuelemmer
production killyourdarlings
him Carmine Antonio Iacolare
music composing & sound Dominik Joel Novák

Il Sole Nella Tua Stanza (2023) VIDEO


An elusive intimacy. An ephemeral passion.
A insatiable thirst. Far from rational, but ominous and menacing. A passion spreading its wings to bring disorientating pleasure with debilitating euphoria. “I don't speak her mother tongue, but I surely wanna taste it.”

Shot on Kodak 16mm Film

camera Arkadiy Kreslov
production Bonaparte
her Tamara Dörner
him Simon Amedeo Zannantonio
voice Margherita Vitali
colorist Delfina Mayer
music composing Dominik Joel Novák
sounddesign Ethan Houser
graphics Justin Scharer
typeface Keroïne by Charlotte Rohde

Emma Lore (2023) VIDEO


Emma Lore for Jermain Cikic


photographer Jermain Cikic
starring Emma Lore
camera Samuel Emmer
music & sound Dominik Joel Novák
stylist Milijana Krtinic Roncevic